EditTools 10

EditTools for Microsoft Word benefits both editors and publishers. EditTools helps a good editor be a better editor by increasing consistency and accuracy while speeding up the editing process. Publishers benefit from the increased speed, consistency, and accuracy that EditTools brings to a project by the reduction in prepress costs and time. An additional benefit for both editors and publishers is that the EditTools datasets are easily customized — for a specific project or publisher — making EditTools the perfect adjunct to the editing process.

EditTools is a collection of editing macros that will

  • Make editing easier
  • Increase consistency
    • Within a chapter or article
    • Across chapters or articles
    • Across a series
  • Make style enforcement easier
  • Increase accuracy
  • Increase editing speed
  • Decrease slip-through

EditTools includes 43 time-saving macros

  • Backup
  • Bookmarks
  • Casing
  • Change Style Language
  • Choose Highlighting To Remove
  • Cleanup
  • Click List
  • Code Inserter
  • Combine Files
  • Combo Click
  • Comment Editor
  • Convert Highlights to Style
  • Convert Style to Highlights
  • Counter
  • Custom Dictionaries
  • Delete Unused Styles
  • EditTools Clipboard
  • Enhanced Search, Count, and Replace
  • Find Duplicate References
  • Homonyms
  • Insert Query (Comment or Inline) with Highlight Inline Queries
  • Journals
  • Language
  • Multifile Find
  • Never Spell Word
  • Open Dialog Manger (ODM)
  • Page Number Format
  • Project Switch
  • Quote Conversion (American to British; British to American)
  • Reference # Order Check
  • Remove All Highlighting
  • Remove Formats & Reinstate Formats
  • Remove Table Cell End Spaces
  • Revision Tracking
  • Sequential Find & Replace Active Doc
  • Set Template to Normal
  • Smart Highlighter
  • Style Inserter
  • Superscript Me
  • Time Tracker
  • Toggle Word
  • Wildcard Find and Replace
  • Word Specialty Manager

EditTools' datasets are easily customized — for a specific project or publisher — using the built-in Managers